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Poll #3**: Vote on the next Vault strategy**

✅ To be eligible, you must connect a wallet that is using any Blueberry Vault—must have at least $10 in a GLP or USDC Vault.

By adding to the USDC Vault, we’ll be able to start bootstrapping USDC-lending liquidity for the winning Vault from this vote!


Previous Votes & Outcomes

Poll # Description Outcome
1 Voted on whether or not a leverage strategy vault should be created and deployed Passed = 95%+ yes, the 3x leveraged GLP Vault deployed
2 Voted on which platforms should be considered for further vault development Ended = Shortlist created for Token-gated Vote (above)
3 Voted on the Vault Wars to determine the next community-owned vault and which protocol it will built upon Ended = VELA Exchange received the most votes.

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